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In this lesson we will learn some very useful functions for session handling and variable handling.

Session-Handling Functions
Session handling is a way of perserving or persisting the session data of a user as a he / she navigates our Web site. The session data could be variables or objects.

The session_start() function denotes the start a session if one has not already been started, or it resumes a session if there already exists a session. This function is argumentless i.e. it takes no arguments. This function has to be called at the beginning of the PHP script. Its syntax follows:


We use the session_destroy() function to destroy all the variables and other data associated with a user session. This functin is also argumentless and takes no arguments. Its syntax follows:

session_destroy(); Variable Handling Functions
Variable handling functions isset() and unset() help us manage our variables within the scope of a web application:

We use the isset() function to determine whether the argument variable exists. The isset() function returns true if the variable exists and false otherwise. Its syntax follows:


We use the unset() function to destry the argument variable. Its syntax follows:


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