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What is MySQL?
MySQL is a database and a database management system. Strictly speaking MySQL is the most popular open-source database system.

Like any other relational database system, the data in MySQL is stored in tables. A table consists of rows and columns. Columns are also referred to as attributes and the rows are also known as records.

A table is a collections of related data entries. A database may have one of more tables. Each table has a name to identify it in the database.

Databases are really very useful when we need to store categorized information. For example a university may have a database with the following tables:

"Subjects" and

Following is an example of a database table called "students":
Name Class GPA Address
Danial BCS 3.21 Danial House
Jacob MBA 3.65 Jacob House
Adam BSC 2.45 Adam House
The abve table contains three records (one for each student) and four columns (Name, Class, GPA, and Address).

What are MySQL database Queries?
A query is a question or a request. A MySQL database query is a question or a request to the MySQL database that is written in a specific format. Through a database query we request the database management system for some specific information. In response to a query MySQL returns a recordset having the specific information that was requested through the query.


SELECT Name FROM students

The above query selects all the data in the "Name" column from the "students" table, and returns a recordset like following:


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